Mini-Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Did you know that February is the national pancake month? I didn’t… till February has passed and I found myself wondering whether I’m allowed to make pancakes during a non-pancake month. The verdict is: Yes, I can! Actually, a bigger obstacle to pancake-making is the fact that Tim absolutely loathes pancakes. It’s something I cannot understand, since pancakes are not a particularly offensive dish. I can think of more offensive in terms of smell, taste and texture. Let me think… oh I know: herring for instance? And of course, even though I hate herrings*, Tim loves them. They supposedly taste better than pancakes. I have obviously married a crazy person (I love you, baby!). So anyway, with Tim working from Greece and not being at home, I can make pancakes every day, in fact, I can nominate March to be my national pancake month. Oh, yes I can!


200g (7oz) flour
4g (0.1oz) dry yeast (or if you’re in France 1/2 packet)
a pinch of salt
2 eggs
250ml (1 cup) milk
butter for frying
1Tbs sugar
125g (4.4oz) blueberries
4Tbs water

Mix flour, yeast, salt, milk and eggs (you can use a hand mixer) till the dough is smooth.  Melt the butter and pour small quantities of the dough in a large frying pan (you can make the pancakes bigger if you’re not into the mini spiel).  Fry for a couple of minutes on each side till golden brown.  Cook the blueberries, in a small pot, with sugar and water for about 3-4 minutes, or to the desired consistency.  Pour over the freshly made pancakes and serve hot (with or without whipped cream).

Servings: 12 small pancakes (about 95 kcal/serving)

*Apologies to all herring eaters and producers, I’ve always hated herrings and I feel strangely compelled to publicize this factoid. Also, apologies to my motherland, Poland, where herring-eaters abound and eating pickled herring has become a national sport.

Adapted from: Elle à Table (Janvier-Février 2010)

8 Responses to Mini-Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
  1. Goska
    March 3, 2010 | 10:17 am

    o nieeeeeeeee…..I wanna pancakes!!!!! They look delicious!!!! yummy!!!!!!

  2. Kasha@kitchencrush
    March 4, 2010 | 11:24 pm

    :) fly over for breakfast or clear up one of your weekends so that I can come and visit

  3. Carolyn Jung
    March 4, 2010 | 11:59 pm

    There’s a person in the world who loathes pancakes?? How is that possible?? Well, you can just send his share my way instead. ;)

  4. Myles
    March 5, 2010 | 3:59 pm

    Not only does the food look delicious, the photography is really sharp! Impressive

  5. Kasha@kitchencrush
    March 5, 2010 | 10:15 pm

    @Carolyn Jung: I know and I also don’t understand. But I happily keep all the pancakes to myself, although now it looks like I need to send some your way :)

    @Myles: Thank you, honey. You guys should fly over for breakfast (or a photo session :)

  6. Tim
    March 6, 2010 | 8:57 pm

    Well, loath is a strong word… but it is true that I do not particularly fancy them… Two bad memories regarding American style pancakes: Someone I studied with once took me to an IHOP near Chicago (although I had lived in the States for a while back then I had never been to an IHOP – I try to avoid restaurants alongside big highways with huge illuminated signs…) praising the place for its excellent breakfasts… well to me it was just a bunch of flabby pancakes swimming in an ocean of grease…and I hate to say it but most of the guests were pretty flabby too. Second, one of my ex-girlfriends made some for breakfast once using up what seemed like an entire bucket of butter…out of politeness I pretended I liked them and ate four or so….felt sick the whole day. Anyway, looks like March will be the month of herring for me then :-)

  7. Kasha@kitchencrush
    March 6, 2010 | 11:04 pm

    @Tim: It looks like you need to start your own blog detailing your complex feelings toward pancakes. You can name it Pancakes&Herrings :)

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